Outreach potential

The number of single-parent families grows dramatically each year. Single & Parenting is the foundation of a powerful outreach and evangelism ministry for your church.

Draws people to your church

Single parents are often overwhelmed and exhausted. The responsibilities of parenting alone take their toll emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. Not wanting to appear incapable or a burden, single parents are often afraid to ask for help.

When single parents discover that your church offers a Single & Parenting program, it’s likely they’ll come. Why? With a program already in place, they will feel less likely to be judged or rejected, and more welcomed by the church. They will also be eager to gain new parenting tips and tools.

Presents the gospel

During the 13-week Single & Parenting series, participants hear the gospel multiple times within the video sessions. Their participant workbooks contain a detailed explanation of the gospel message, plus a daily Bible study. Single & Parenting’s Christ-centered content shows single parents how the Bible and the message of the gospel apply to their current situation.

Will help grow your church family

The Single & Parenting participants will visit your church for several weeks as they attend group meetings. Many non-churchgoing participants will also begin to visit on Sunday mornings. As a result, there are several opportunities to build relationships with them and integrate them into your church family.

Serves as a portal into the broader life of your church

After Single & Parenting group members have completed one or more Single & Parenting group cycles, the Single & Parenting leaders encourage those participants who do not have a church affiliation to connect with other areas of church life for further growth and fellowship.