Why Your Church Needs Single & Parenting

Discover why you can trust the content of the Single & Parenting videos.

The need

The number of single-parent families grows dramatically each year. Your church needs a strategy for ministering to the unique needs and challenges they face. Single & Parenting provides a solution.
Download “Single-Parent Ministry: Opportunity and Challenges” (PDF, 909 KB)

Lay-led Single-Parent Ministry

Why it’s possible for your lay people to oversee a Single & Parenting ministry.


Single & Parenting makes it easy for your church to help single parents of all types: divorced, separated, widowed and never married.

Single & Parenting is designed to be a lay-driven ministry. If you are a pastor, you won’t invest much time getting this ministry going. If you’re a lay leader, you can be assured that we provide all the resources you need for successful ministry.

Christ-centered care

Single & Parenting clearly points people to Christ as the source of hope, rest and healing. With Single & Parenting, your church can provide Christ-centered care and gospel-based parenting instruction to single parents. Plus, Single & Parenting lay leaders will build relationships with non-believing single parents, opening the door for further opportunities to discuss the gospel.


The Single & Parenting curriculum features more than 30 leading Christian experts on topics essential to single parents.

This material is published by Church Initiative, the ministry that created DivorceCare and DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids). More than 15,000 churches worldwide are equipped with these programs. They are proven effective in helping people who are facing difficult life circumstances. Single & Parenting represents the same high quality and commitment to biblical, Christ-centered ministry.

All you need

Your Single & Parenting kit comes with a comprehensive set of leader training tools, DVDs, workbooks and promotional resources to help you offer a successful, ongoing ministry. Plus we offer free, online and phone support to all Single & Parenting leaders.

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