Participant Workbook

Sample the workbook

Read a sample from chapter 1 of the Single & Parenting workbook.
Download (PDF, 700 KB)

Single parents receive a take-home workbook, which includes a video note-taking tool and a short, daily Bible study for personal application and reflection. During the week participants are to complete the “Hopework” exercises in the workbook, which introduce biblical truths that can transform their daily lives as a single parent.

Workbook components include:

A gospel presentation, introducing single parents to the rest, peace and strength that God offers to everyone through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Note-taking outlines that correspond with the weekly video seminars.

Hopework workbook exercises: Daily Scripture verses, questions and reflections to guide single parents to a place of rest and hope in Christ. Completing the exercises can make a real difference in their personal growth and effectiveness as parents.

Single-Parenting Resource Center, directing participants to helpful Single & Parenting resources.

Budget Worksheet: Participants can begin the path to financial freedom using this tear-out worksheet.

Care Cards: In the back of the workbook are 13 perforated Care Cards, containing Scriptures and encouraging quotations applicable to the week’s theme.

Profiles of experts in the videos, who share information on topics related to single parenting. Many have been single parents themselves.