Video Sessions

The fastest way to see what’s covered in each Single & Parenting session. Additional video samples are below.

Invaluable video seminars

At each Single & Parenting session, participants view a 40-minute video. Each one features:

  • Life-changing insights from renowned Christian counselors, pastors and teachers
  • Personal stories from Christian single parents
  • Attention-grabbing presentations of biblical truth

Discover why you can trust the content of the Single & Parenting videos.

Lay people don’t have to teach

These videos make it easy for lay people to lead a Single & Parenting group. Why? Having trusted experts on the videos means lay people don’t have to have all the answers. You can allow them to lead the ministry, knowing the participants are receiving wise, biblical counsel from the experts on the videos.

A wide array of subjects

Exploring topics such as discipline, financial pressures, parenting goals, adversity, and finding rest and hope, the videos address every major single-parenting issue. Your participants will appreciate, and benefit from, the Christ-centered advice.

Sample the Video Sessions

Session 1: Tired & Overwhelmed

In this excerpt, single parents discover they are not alone and there is hope.

Session 2: Your Children & Your Fears

In this excerpt, hear Sharon, a single mom, explain how her son was affected by his father’s choices.

Session 3: Rest & Comfort

In this excerpt, author Carol Floch and Dr. Michael Emlet explain why single parents need margins in their lives.

Session 4: Money & Career

In this excerpt, sample this session’s advice on how to respond to a child who asks for something a single parent can’t afford.

Session 5: Parenting Goals & Expectations

In this excerpt, Julie Smith Lowe and Sabrina Black explain why single parents shouldn’t assume that their children know how to study, clean their rooms, etc.

Session 6: Suffering & Adversity

In this excerpt, while sometimes painful, a single parent’s past can be a great resource. Dr. Stephen Viars explains how this is possible.

Session 7: Emotions & Stability, Pt. 1

In this excerpt, Elyse Fitzpatrick explains how a single parent’s desires for a child’s success can produce anxiety and fear.

Session 8: Emotions & Stability, Pt. 2

In this excerpt, Cassandra, a widowed single mom, struggled with panic attacks. Hear her explain how asking for help and other biblical principles helped her overcome them.

Session 9: Parenting Tools & Projects

In this excerpt, experts explain why single parents should seek to influence what motivates their children.

Session 10: Parenting Approaches & God’s Love

In this excerpt, single parents discover that God uses parenting to parent them.

Session 11: Talking & Listening

In this excerpt, single parents are encouraged to focus on how Christ’s perfection, in the area of communication, benefits them.

Session 12: Conflict & Resolution

In this excerpt, participants learn how God’s treatment and loving pursuit of His enemies should influence the way they deal with high-conflict relationships.

Session 13: Dating & Single Sexuality

In this excerpt, Liz, a single mom of four, explains what she’s learned about dating.