Leader Training Video

See an excerpt of the leader training materials included in every Single & Parenting kit.

The Leader Training DVD that comes with your Single & Parenting kit gives you an overview of what it takes to run a successful Single & Parenting ministry. Use this video to prepare your Single & Parenting leadership team for effective ministry. It’s also a great tool for training future Single & Parenting leaders at your church. Plan to show this video at least once per year to refresh your leaders, and whenever new leaders join your team.

The video presentation on this DVD is versatile and can be used in two different ways:

Individual viewing

If you have overall responsibility for single-parent ministry in your church or if you are the person who is starting a new single-parent ministry, use this DVD to help you formulate a strategy and foundation for your ministry.

Leadership training sessions

The Leader Training Video can also be used as a valuable resource as you train and equip people to serve in your ministry. It can be particularly helpful in assisting you in training your group facilitators as God calls forth future leadership.

Here is a snapshot of the information contained in the three Leader Training Video sessions:

Video 1: What is Single & Parenting?

What is Single & Parenting? The answers may surprise you! Watch this segment to learn the strategic foundation for the program.

Video 2: The eight success tips

What are the eight things successful Single & Parenting leaders consistently do? Apply these eight straightforward but vital tips and your program is well on its way to success.

Video 3: Encourage participants to …

There are five things you should communicate with your group members. Find out why these messages are essential—for your leaders and your participants.

We have included video outlines and discussion questions to reproduce for your leadership team when you are using this DVD for training (see your Single & Parenting Leader’s Guide).