Betty, Upper Marlboro, MD

Gayle, Columbia, SC

Praise for Single & Parenting

Here’s what others are saying about Single & Parenting:

This program is jam-packed with valuable information for single parents! Participants find love, hope and support from each other.”

Cindy, Facilitator, San Jose, CA

“This will be a great asset to our community.”

Susan, Facilitator, Long Island, NY

“At our first Single & Parenting meeting 26 attended (at least 11 first-time guests). We had no idea we would have so many people. We are excited about the interest in the Single & Parenting program within our church and community!”

Karen, Facilitator, North Richland Hills, TX

“The leader materials were easy to follow and well planned out.”

Nancey, Facilitator, Riverside, NJ

“An elder at my church approached me with the idea of being a leader for our Single & Parenting group. I felt unqualified. Thankfully, this is designed for leaders to facilitate, not teach—I don’t have to be an expert.”

Jere’, Facilitator, Abilene, TX

Participants are inviting friends.

Glen, Senior Pastor, Eagle Rock, CA

“It’s phenomenal! I encourage other churches to start it.

Betty, Facilitator, Upper Marlboro, MD

“Single & Parenting addresses the hard issues, but doesn’t stay there. The constant reminder that we have a REAL hope is what we are left with each week.”

Holly, Facilitator, Houston, TX

They LOVE the group. They eagerly come each week, and best of all, some of the single parents have started coming to our church!”

Christine, Facilitator, Thedford, ON, Canada

“Our group has drawn amazing single parents from all walks of life, many who are not members of our church.”

Gayle, Facilitator, Columbia, SC

Wonderful material. Many will benefit for a lifetime.”

Larry, Facilitator, Peoria, IL

“The support participants feel is so powerful.”

Cindy, Facilitator, San Jose, CA

I’m sooooo excited about this program.