How Single & Parenting Works

Workbook: Strategic Ministry Tool

Why each participant needs a workbook, and how your church can afford them.

Over 13 weekly sessions, participants learn how to access the hope, help and healing that God offers. Here’s how it works:

Participants attend 13 video seminar/discussion sessions

Each session features insightful, practical videos and encouraging group discussion. A typical lay-led meeting looks like this:

Participants view a 40-minute video

The video features the insights of the Christian community’s top experts on single-parenting topics. It also presents the stories, reflections and advice of Christian single parents.

Group discussion

Participants talk with one another about what they’ve seen in the video. They also explain how their daily workbook exercises are helping them see their situation from God’s perspective. During the discussion, group members also share the challenges they’re facing and victories they’re experiencing.

Participants use the Single & Parenting workbook

A workbook helps participants sort their thoughts and emotions and helps them discover what God says about their situation. Each workbook contains a daily Bible study, a gospel presentation, tear-out Scripture cards and more.

See what’s included in the Single & Parenting kit. It has everything you need to get started.

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