Frequently asked questions

Why does my church need a Single & Parenting ministry?

The single-parent population is exploding. Amazingly, 35% of all children now live in single-parent homes. This tidal wave of solo-parent homes is created through the high divorce rate and the growing number of never-married single parents. See the single parent population where you live.

Can I see samples of the Single & Parenting materials before we purchase the kit?

Yes. You can view sample pages from the workbook and the Leader’s Guide. See an excerpt from one of the Single & Parenting video sessions here. The best strategy for previewing Single & Parenting is to purchase the entire curriculum kit. It comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can return it for a risk-free refund if you determine the materials don’t meet the needs of your church.

Do I have to be a trained counselor or teacher to run Single & Parenting?

No, you don’t. Single & Parenting features over 30 Christian counselors, psychologists, teachers, authors and pastors. They’ll be the experts in your group. Your role is to host the group and facilitate discussion. And we provide step-by-step instructions on how to do that, along with advanced training to help you grow your skills over time. Plus, you can always talk to one of our Single & Parenting ministry coaches, who will give you personalized tips on how to facilitate and grow your group.

Who will come to our Single & Parenting group?

Single & Parenting will minister to single parents within your church and people throughout your community. It’s likely that many of the people who come to your Single & Parenting group will come from outside your church, and they may not have an active spiritual life or be followers of Christ. Single & Parenting represents a tremendous outreach and evangelism tool for your church!

How will we get people to come to our Single & Parenting group?

Your Single & Parenting kit includes an extensive array of promotional strategies and tools to help you launch with success and grow your program once it is underway. You will also have access to our LeaderZone website, which contains a variety of free promotional resources.

How do I identify leaders for our Single & Parenting Program?

The Leader’s Guide included with your Single & Parenting kit includes an entire chapter on identifying and recruiting leaders. Typically, you will find the most committed leaders are those who are single parents themselves or have been through a season being a single parent and have experienced God’s healing. They are passionate about helping other single parents.

How do we train people to lead Single & Parenting?

Extensive training is included with the Single & Parenting curriculum kit. We provide a Leader Training DVD and a complete Leader’s Guide. In addition, your lay leaders will have access to our online LeaderZone, which is filled with additional leadership resources and free telephone coaching from our team of Single & Parenting ministry coaches.

Is Single & Parenting aligned with a particular denomination?

Single & Parenting is nondenominational and is used by churches worldwide. Single & Parenting is built on a biblical, Christ-centered foundation. See our statement of faith.

Can we charge people to attend a SP group?

Yes. Most churches charge a $15–20 registration fee to attend the 13-week Single & Parenting cycle. This offsets the cost of the Single & Parenting workbook you provide each group member and can contribute toward incidental costs, such as snacks and coffee. Many churches maintain a small scholarship fund to subsidize the registration fee for those who cannot afford to participate otherwise.

Are the Single & Parenting videos closed-captioned for the hearing impaired?

Yes. You can select optional English subtitles for display while playing each of the 13 Single & Parenting session videos.

Is there really no cost to talk with a Single & Parenting ministry coach?

No charge at all. As a nonprofit ministry, we maintain a team of staff ministry coaches. Pastors and lay leaders can talk with these ministry coaches free-of-charge whenever a question about starting or operating a Single & Parenting group arises.

To talk to a Single & Parenting coach, feel free to call us at 800-395-5755 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm ET. Or schedule an appointment to speak with a Single & Parenting coach.

If I don’t like Single & Parenting, may I return it?

Certainly! Once you receive your kit, you have 30 days to return it. Read our no-risk, 30-day guarantee.

When does the 30-day guarantee go into effect?

Your 30-day guarantee goes into effect the day your kit arrives. Read our no-risk, 30-day guarantee.