How do I find resources in the LeaderZone?

To help you become a more effective Single & Parenting leader, we’ve created a central place with tools, forms, articles, promo materials, and the answers to many of your group-related questions. You’ll find the following features at the Single & Parenting LeaderZone (note, if you are receiving the Leader’s Digest, this DOES NOT mean you have visited the LeaderZone):

My Church

In this section you can customize your online Find a Group listing on the Single & Parenting website. Thousands of people will visit the website each day searching for groups. You can add specific details about your group before you begin each 13-week cycle, as it will direct people to you who are searching for a group online.


The Network section lists Local Network Fellowship groups. These groups are comprised of Single & Parenting leaders from a variety of churches in the local area that meet for fellowship and learning from each other.


One of the most important sections on LeaderZone! The Leaders’ Forum allows you to network with thousands of leaders worldwide. Ask questions, share prayer requests and success stories, and learn from your peers.


This section has many helpful articles and documents you can read, download, and print for use with your leaders and participants. You can download your weekly Session Agendas here and sample forms you need for your group.

Promotion Tools

Here you’ll find short promo videos to show during worship services, embed on your church website and social media pages, and email to people. You can download logos and sample ads for publicizing your group. You can also design and order a banner to place outside your church to promote your group to drivers passing by. This publicity technique has proven very effective for many churches. Or order Single & Parenting logowear!


Click the Training link for information on training your leadership team.


Order workbooks, publicity brochures and posters, the Single & Parenting audio version, and other leader resources you’ll need for your Single & Parenting group.

Visit the LeaderZone often!

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