Seminar Topics

Each of the Single & Parenting sessions is filled with information. Here are examples of things you’ll learn from each session:

Tired & Overwhelmed – Session 1

  • Why single parenting is never a solo endeavor
  • Reasons you can have hope when all seems lost
  • How deeply interested God is in your situation

Your Children & Your Fears – Session 2

  • How children typically respond to losses
  • How to help a grieving, hurting child
  • How to release your worry

Rest & Comfort – Session 3

  • Why taking a break can make you a more effective parent
  • How to rest your body and soul
  • The most important thing you can do for your children

Money & Career – Session 4

  • Easy-to-follow budgeting tips
  • How to get out of debt
  • Secrets of reentering the workforce

Parenting Goals & Expectations – Session 5

  • Which parenting goals are important to set
  • How critical it is to understand your child’s unique needs
  • How to get your kids to obey

Suffering & Adversity – Session 6

  • How to allow suffering to work for your good
  • How adversity can prepare your kids for success
  • Often-overlooked reasons why we experience pain and suffering

Emotions & Stability, Pt. 1 – Session 7

  • What your emotions are trying to tell you
  • How to work through depression
  • How to eliminate fear

Emotions & Stability, Pt. 2 – Session 8

  • What’s causing your anger and what you can do with it
  • How to forgive someone who won’t admit he’s done anything wrong
  • How others can help you deal with your emotions

Parenting Tools & Projects – Session 9

  • How to teach your children to be grateful
  • The unique challenges children of divorce face
  • The vital link between your child’s heart and his behavior

Parenting Approaches & God’s Love – Session 10

  • Whom you should model your parenting after
  • How your child’s bad behavior can be used to point him to God
  • The ultimate reason you should be patient with your kids

Talking & Listening – Session 11

  • How your words and heart are connected, and why that’s important
  • How even your good desires can lead to conflict
  • When to ignore the hurtful words of others

Conflict & Resolution – Session 12

  • The best way to interact with someone you’re in conflict with
  • Why to focus on changing yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to change
  • When to seek help from others in managing conflict

Dating & Single Sexuality – Session 13

  • Eye-opening reasons to stay sexually pure (and no, it’s not too late)
  • When it’s the right time for you to date
  • Essential qualities for a potential mate

The Sessions

Take a few minutes to see what you'll learn in each of the 13 Single & Parenting sessions

The Stages

Your Single & Parenting journey takes you through four critical stages. Get the details on each one.

Parenting Demonstration Segment

Single & Parenting features demonstrations that show you how to handle difficult parenting situations.