About Single & Parenting Groups

Other people don’t truly understand how tough it is to be a single parent—day after day after day. Sometimes you want to give up. And that’s a normal reaction—you’re doing the job of two people. You should be tired.

The thing is, you deeply desire to do what’s best for your kids, but you worry that you can’t. Sometimes it’s all you can do to survive from one day to the next.

So what can you do?

Single & Parenting groups address these concerns. You’ll discover how to deal with your deep-down worries and your day-to-day struggles.

At a weekly Single & Parenting group, you’ll meet with other single parents to learn and discuss some amazing parenting strategies and hope-filled insights.

Discover the three components that will shape your Single & Parenting experience

How Single & Parenting works

Each Single & Parenting session has three distinct elements:

Video seminar

The videos are interesting and dynamic to watch, and filled with practical advice you can easily apply.

  • Life-changing teaching from counselors and professionals who have been, or who work with, single parents
  • Single parents who’ve faced parenting dilemmas and share the solutions they found
  • Demos on how to handle tough situations with your kids

Small group discussion

After viewing the video, you’ll spend time in a small group and discuss the video concepts and how to apply them. Each group member will also have the opportunity to talk about what is going on in his or her life. It’s encouraging to realize the things you’re facing as a single parent are normal and survivable!

Workbook-based personal application

Between sessions, you get the chance to apply the strategies to your daily life. Short, daily workbook exercises help you adjust the tips to work for you. Whatever your struggles—kids, discipline, exhaustion, money, ex-partner, depression, anger—the workbook helps you address the situation at its source.

Read a sample from chapter 1 (PDF, 700 KB) of the Single & Parenting workbook

The Videos

Find out what makes the Single & Parenting videos so helpful

Sample a Video Session

Watch a few minutes from one of the Single & Parenting sessions.

Being Part of a Single & Parenting Group

Angela Thomas, co-host of Single & Parenting explains how you'll benefit from joining a group.

Having never been to a group like this before, you may not know what to expect. Here’s what you’ll find:

Your nervous feelings won’t last long. Those feelings tend to go away quickly for most people, usually during the first session they attend. The people in the group want to become better single parents. They are looking for solutions and help, just like you.

These people get it. Your fellow group members will understand the tears of frustration when you drop into bed at night, the constant battle to get your kids to do homework and the fear for your teenager whose choices are leading him down a no-good road.

Practical and proven strategies that you can apply to your own specific situations. The videos shown during each session demonstrate what these strategies look like—everything from how to discipline your child who’s defiant to how to keep your cool when an ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is criticizing you.

You get the chance to talk about your experiences. When you tell others about your son who’s gone from A’s to F’s on his report card, your daughter who’s hurting so much and your ex who is telling lies about you, you’ll likely discover you’re not the only one facing these types of situations. You don’t have to talk or share, but most people find that doing so is very helpful!

Your group will start to feel like “family.” Your Single & Parenting group may begin to feel like a “family” as you make new friends with people you can relate to. Single & Parenting is designed to be a safe, encouraging environment.

Hope for the future. Do you worry about your kids’ futures? Do you deeply desire that they turn out okay? What about your own future? Single & Parenting teaches you how to parent successfully and with hope-filled assurance for the future.

“It Starts with Me”

Why you have to help yourself before you can help your kids.

What It’s Like

Find out how it feels to be part of a Single & Parenting group.

Group Leadership

Single & Parenting group leaders are people who understand how you feel and have a real care for single-parent families. Many Single & Parenting leaders have been single parents themselves. They know the struggles, hopes and fears that you may have as a single parent.